Biomedical Competencies

Diagnotics and OPD Equipements

Yag Capsulotomy

A Yag Capsulotomy is a special laser treatment used to improve your vision after cataract surgery. It is a simple, commonly performed procedure which is very safe and painless.

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It is an instrument for diagnosing imbalance of eyes muscles and treating them by orthopedic methods.

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Fundus Camera

To capture image of the fundus. For documentation,follow up and after treatment comparision it is useful.
Defective lesions in retina can be diagnosed.

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Optical Coherence tomography

Anterior Segment OCT - Gives layerwise examination of cornea. Posterior Segment OCT - It gives section wise images of the layers of retina.

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Totally automated, Useful in detection,monitoring & progression of glaucoma. Useful for documentation, comparision and progression of the disease.

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IOL Master

Non contact type of machine used for the accurate detection of IOL power. Gives additional information like anterior chamber depth, Steep & flat axis,keratometer readings.

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A-scan Biometer

This contact type machine used for the IOL power calculation.Probe is placed over cornea and axial length is measured, after putting k readings and formula choosing final IOL calculation done.

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Non Contact Tonometer

As a name indicates it's non contact machine.Used for the accurate detection of intra-ocular pressure.Highly accurate and patient friendly.

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Applanation Tonometer

Contact type of machine, Can be used with slit lamp.After staining of tear film, the mires adjusted and IOP reading taken.

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Schiotz Tonometer

Handy instrument.After supine position of patient instrument placed over cornea and after majoring the deviation over scale and noting in the chart IOP recorded.

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B-Scan Ultra Sonography

Automed 10 mega hartz probe . Used for detection of the ultra sonography images of eye.Highly useful in the fundus examination of patients of the high grade of cataract ,mature cataract , intra ocular foreign body, trauma, septic cases .

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Gives both refraction readings and keratometer readings in single unit.Automatically three readings are taken for refraction and keratometry readings & printing of information can be done.

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Slit Lamp

Most useful diagnostic equipment in the OPD . Various diagnostic tools can be operated with slit lamp.Useful in the gross eye examination, corneal layers pathology examination, cataract examination and eye adnexa examination.

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Direct Ophthalmoscope

It is useful for examination of posterior segment media and central fundus.Optic disc,macula,retinal vessels and gross retinal examination is possible . Handy instrument.Lenticular status can be studied.

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Indirect Ophthalmoscope

Periphery of the fundus can be studied with using +20D lens.Routine use for the vitrio-retina examination. Retinal lasers can be done with +20D lens.

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It is useful for the study of angle structures. Important diagnostic tool for the diagnosis of glaucoma and grading of glaucoma.

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It is used for the analysis of refractive error.Handy instrument for screening of refractive error in mass public possible.

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It is used to check refractive power of glasses.Accuracy of spectacles counter checked.

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