Biomedical Competencies

OT and Theraputic

Operating Microscope

Almost all ophthalmic surgeries are carried out with the usage of microscope. Magnification and depth perception with the microscope helps surgeon while performing surgeries.

Sunder Netralaya, Ahmednagar
Phaco Machine

For advanced cataract surgery phaco machine with ellipse FX technology , ice and canes is available. Now a days 1.8mm micro incision cataract surgery is possible with the usage of phaco machine. Vitrectomy can be done with phaco machine

Sunder Netralaya
Boyels Apparatus

For cases to be operated under general anesthesia boyels apparatus is used for the help of anaesthetic and all emergency drugs are ready with it.

Sunder Netralaya
Suction Machine

For general anesthesia cases suction machine is used. Intraocular surgeries like DCR operation suction machine is used .

Sunder Netralaya
RF Cautrey

For occuloplastic surgeries RF cautrey plays a major role.

Sunder Netralaya
Nd: YAG Laser

It is used in clearance of posterior capsular opacification after cataract surgery. It is also useful in YAG PI for prophylaxis in glaucoma suspect cases.

Sunder Netralaya
Green Laser

For the management of diabetic retinopathy, retinal pathology management it is useful.

Sunder Netralaya

Sunder Netralaya