History-Sunder Netralaya

Sunder Netralaya is a well known tertiary eye care centre in western Maharashtra situated in Ahmednagar city. It is centrally located at Chaupati Karanja Chouk in front of Veer Savarkar Statue near Delhi gate which is a famous landmark connecting the newly established Ahmednagar city to the old city of Ahmednagar . It is a dedicated eye care centre since last 19 years where the four floored building with world class machinearies and 3 resident eye consultant and 8 visiting consultant and 18 people staff taking care of patients.

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Startup (1995-99)

1995 :-Dr Sundar Gore and Dr Seema Gore a dedicated ophthalmologist couple started practice in 1995 at Netrajyot Eye Clinic established in Ahmednagar on 05-11-1995 at Patvardhan Chouk,Anandi Bazaar,Ahmednagar by the hands of Mr. Arun Kaka Jagtap, The Mayor of Ahmednagar city that time in a small place of 600 sq feet, It was 9th eye care centre in the city Started with very basic equipments .
1997 :-Expanded to 1200 sq feet with introduction of Autorefractometer.
1998 :-Ophthalmic A-scan services for IOL power calculations.


2001 :-In 27th july 2001 shifted to Chaupati Karanja near Delhi gate name was changed as Sunder Netralaya with more facilities in house and medical and optical services by the auspicious hands of District Collector Mr.Vimalendra sharan with new microscope.
2002 :-Retina services started in Sunder Netralaya . Dr. Praveen Gorane from pune was visiting retina consultant.
2004 :-14th Auguest started the first stichless cataract surgery and since then recognized as center for stichless cataract surgery centre. Dr. Rajesh Pawar from Pune offered his services to patients of Ahmednagar in Sunder netralaya.


2006 January :- For the patients of posterior capsular opacification post cataract surgery patients Nd:YAG facility started once a month .
2006 April :- Expantion of Sunder Netralaya and started pathological laboratory services with two modern operation theaters and two consulting rooms on the ground floor by the auspicious hands of parents Raghunath Balaji Gore and Gangubai Raghunath Gore.
2007 March :- We Started doing white star phaco surgery regularly . Dr. Bhide and Dr. Pawar Rajesh contributed a lot in the same and offered their services to the patients .
2010 Feburary :- In netralaya paediatric eye care and squint department started under which total and comprehensive management of paediatric eye diseases became possible . Surgical management of all types of squint , all age group , medical and surgical management of amblyopia , congenital cataract , congenital glaucoma ,congenital dacryocystitis , atropinised refraction and prescription of glasses and prism , orthoptic treatment , congenital adnexa anomaly and syndromic eye disorder study then became possible . Dr Prashant Murhe a well known paediatric Ophthalmologist started offering his services to the needy patients of Sunder Netralaya . 2010 March :-A new milestone of our hospital as Dr Jagdish Loya Ex consultant of Ganpati Netralaya Jalna started Vitreo Retina department and patients suffering from posterior segment disorder and diabetic retinopathy get benefitted . Retinal lasers routinely performed then onwards .
2010 May :- For accurate measurement of intraocular pressure we started the facility of Non Contact Tonometer , so that the screening of glaucoma in routine suspectible OPD cases is possible .
2010-16th August :- Started the real glaucoma services with the Automated Perimeter from carl zeiss and first in the district . At the same time we expanded our offerings of retina services with the highly advanced fundus camera and Fundus Flurosciene Angiography unit was inaugrated with the auspicious hands of legendary personality in Ophthalmology Dr P N Nagpal , world known surgeon from Ahmedabad .


2011 January :- Specialised cornea services started in Netralaya by Dr Anand Pimparkar, Ex – consultant Ganpati Netralaya Jalna. Dr Rohit Thorat offered his services for the glaucoma patients in Sunder Netralaya.
Started the unique concept of comprehensive Ophthalmology and holistic eye care first time in Maharashtra , as not only the allopathy but the Ayurveda , homeopathy , Yoga , Naturopathy and life style management to treat eye diseases in Sunder Netralaya.
Dr. Bhoite Dharmraj - Ayurvedacharaya from Pune , Started offering his services and Dr. Nilima Gore for homeopathic services for ophthalmic disorders .
2012 :- Installation of highly advanced ophthalmic microscope with CCT camera attachment for anterior and posterior segment eye surgery .
First IOL master in the district was inaugurated by Dr. Anil kulkarni for accurate IOL power calculation. Now refractive cataract surgery with implantation of premium IOL’ S like multifocal IOL , Toric IOL , Multifocal Toric IOL after Cataract extraction became possible .
2013 May:-Various cahless services started at Sunder netralaya and till date we are working on the same to expand our services in cashless department .
2013 Aug :- Oculoplasty department started.Dr. Ramesh Murthy internationally famous oculoplastic surgeon started offering his services.Introduction of cautery machine for occuloplastic surgeries and electrolysis cases first time in the district to the patients of Sunder Netralaya . Now orbital tumour surgery , failed DCR , DCR with intubation , comlex lid surgeries like entropion , ectropion, ptosis,boutoux injection therapy , glued pterygium , Complex squint surgeries became a routine.


2013 September :- Our Netralaya granted as an official centre for Rajeev Gandhi Jeevandayee Yojna introduced by Government of Maharashtra. Under the scheme we are doing cashless operative services for the benefisheries .
2013 Nov:- Low vision aids and specialized Contact Lens clinic unit started for hope for hopeless patients . keratoconus lenses and low vision aids proves beneficial for needy patients. cosmetic lenses also prescribed in this department routinely . Ocularist Eknath Salunke started doing his work in this department .
2013 December :-B scan Ultrasonography unit was made available for patient to evaluate posterior segment pathology like Retinal Detachment, Intra ocular foreign body, vitreous haemorrhage, vitritis, intra ocular tumors posterior staphyloma and pre cataract surgery evaluation of posterior segment status in hazy media due to corneal opacities, cataract and anterior staphyloma cases.
2014 January:- Step further -microphaco with 2.2mm clear corneal incision depending on steep meridian as decided by the IOL Master under topical /local anaesthesia known as Micro Incision cararact Surgery (MICS ) . It helps in early rehabilitation so that patient can resume his /her routine work within a week . Now premium And refractive cataract surgery practice is a routine in Sunder Netralaya. Patient can choose Indian / Imported , Spherical /Aspheric , Hydrophilic / Hydrophobic , Clear /Yellow , Unifocal / Multifocal , Toric / Multifocal Toric ,Iris claw / SFIOL / Glued IOL.


Started Eye Donation Centre, Eye Bank and Keratoplasty Centre.

Future Plans

We have already applied for these centers to start work to be done in cornea department.
Optometry College, Blind school and rehabilitation Centre.